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The warm, clear waters and abundance of sea life that inhabit the coral reefs make this area a divers paradise. Snorkeling and scuba diving are the best-developed activities and spear fishing is also catered for. Following Tofo, some of the better-known mainland spots are Paindane, Jangamo, and Barra, as well as Morrungulo and Pomene further north. The world famous Manta Reef is close by Tofo. This stretch of coastline offers the ultimate drive and dive experience. The turquoise waters hold a vast number of game and tropical fish species as well as a variety of beautiful corals and rare marine creatures including dugongs, whale sharks, and turtles.

Conditions compare favourably with those of the Caribbean or Great Barrier Reef but are far less crowded and not nearly as commercialised. Water temperatures range from 24°C (in mid-winter) to 28°C in Summer. Visibility is generally between 5 and 35 meters with 15 meters being the year-round average. Gin-clear conditions occur frequently, both along the coast and around the islands.

Tofo Beach Cottages do not offer any diving activities itself as many privately dive operations are available in a 2 km radius.